The owners of this 17th Century manor house near Stanstead wanted to make a little more of the front door and way into the house. The garden was made up of a sweeping front lawn that fell away from the house and led to the nearby lane. An area adjacent to the front door was raised to facilitate a formal hedged off area with Yew cones in each section of lawn.

Red brick was used to build new foot paths leading across the front of the house to an additional raised terrace situated in a sunny but under used corner of the garden. Local shingle laid over a compacted hoggin with 6mm welded in situ metal edges surrounding the finer smaller areas of lawn. The step into the front door was raised to give relief to the red brick path, white cement and lime was used to pick out the change of level and avoid this becoming a potential trip hazard. A simple elegant feel has really enhanced the front aspect of this charming house.