The client has recently had a new house built and as an avid productive gardener wanted to reflect this in the design and build of the garden. The kitchen garden was from the consultation stage going to be an integral part of the scheme.

The ground sloped away from the building and required a substantial amount of “making up”. The levels where raised and consolidated to create enough space to accommodate the new garden. The potting shed was built between two multi span fruit cages. A traditional oak framed building with a covered veranda housed a work bench and tool boards. We used Harrods Horticultural peaked cages over the two production areas. We found that the netting covering the peaks required a certain amount of patience to ensure a secure long-lasting finish. One will be used for soft fruit growing, whilst the other covers the raised railway sleeper beds for rotational vegetable production. The division of the space was enhanced with a mix of espaliered apples and pears alongside the lower step over apples near the green house.

The Client has a collection of Orchids that required a new home, to this end the Hartley Botanics Glass house, built with a brick base was designed to have a separate room for the housing of this collection. The main space in the building has deep soil beds, here tomatoes and cucumbers climb to the apex of the roof with little effort. Path ways have been kept simple with metal edged gravel paths using a local shingle.

Paved areas are made up of a grey flagstone laid in a random pattern. The steps have been made to order and bull nosed out of the same material.