When people move into a new property it can be a very daunting experience. We know that people’s aspirations mean that the garden may be the last topic on the list of items to get in hand once you have the keys to your new home. Our experience has shown us that many developers or builders in most circumstances will only give the outside space a cursory sprinkling of landscaped elements. This usually results in a nominal run of paving from a set of French doors around to the rear entrance.

With a little thought and planning it is very reasonable to expand on the existing scheme, making a usable and affordable landscaped space that you can start to use immediately. By working with existing products and utilising the materials in imaginative ways you can still enjoy the garden without getting your feet dirty in the soil.

This example of a new build house in Norwich was achieved on a small budget. The owner really wanted to use the outside space but was left with 9 paving slabs forming a tiny step of a terrace. We added to this and extended out from the house. An amount of soil needed to be excavated and retained and again we used a concrete block wall clad in the same paving units to retain the area. By using the paving as a wider coping stone, the client gained an additional perch where they can enjoy a coffee and a chat with friends. It does not always have to be huge budgets and the most expensive materials on offer in the garden. If the foundation below ground (underlay of the carpet as we like to say) is supplied and installed correctly, there is no reason why in time the covering like paving or turf etc. can’t be added as budgets improve.