The Hospice has a courtyard area that is enclosed on four sides, access is from the restaurant on one side and a ward opposite. The space had been previously paved with flag stones and a border along a north facing wall provided the area with its only greenery. The site has been designed with a series of circular resin bonded areas that run into one another whilst providing a visual movement and flow to a static space.

The space will be accessed by various user groups, namely visitors and patients to the Hospice. A Corten steel water feature in the centre of the courtyard brings the whole scheme alive whilst maintaining a child friendly note to the design. Herbs planted around its base will withstand the occasional trampling of feet and will reward the passer by with a blast of aromatic scent. The use of communal benches has been thoughtfully placed to allow wheel chair users and motorised specialist chairs to gather for a family chat or quiet reflection. The surfaces allow easy access to the area without steps or ramps. Additional seating can be catered for in the event of a larger gathering or function in the courtyard. The whole space now links the building surrounding it and provides an outside hub for the Hospice